The Cursivo offers a completely new, modern planter style. It’s unusual shape offers and exciting perspective from any angle.


  • Interchangeable, colour-neutral plant liner with recessed handles
  • High quality finishes
  • Planter liner 30 also fits into Cube 30
  • Planter liner 40 also fits into Cube 40, Cubico 40 and Cubico Alto and Trio 40
  • Planter liner 50 also fits into Cube 50 and Cubico 50


Cursivo Premium 30 (30x30cm | height: 49cm) 



Now available in high-gloss colours! Last season’s bestseller is now also available with a high-gloss finish.

This All in One Set Includes


planter + planter liner with integrated handles + sub-irrigation system

CANTO Cube planter liner

  • interchangeable, colour neutral planter liner – closed, with integrated handles
  • easy transport even for tall plantings
  • can be exchanged on the spot and easily moved for winter storage

Available accessories


CANTO coaster

  • mobile in every direction
  • with four sturdy rollers
  • available for CANTO
The original LECHUZA
sub-irrigation system
LECHUZA’s sub-irrigation system takes care of your plants for you for up to 12 weeks, ensuring that they receive the right amount of water and nutrients they need for optimum growth.


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