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A lovely gift.

A bouquet of flowers only lasts a few days. Give the people you care about something unique instead. When planted, MINI-DELTINI or DELTINI make a great alternative to flowers and bring lasting joy.

  • Plant liner in the same colour as the planter
  • A sufficient amount of LECHUZA PON (Plant substrate) is already included, so they are ready to plant

DELTINI (14x14cm | height: 18cm)
MINI-DELTINI (10x10cm | height: 13cm) 



MINI-DELTINI All-in-One Set includes

Planter + plant liner with sub-irrigation set

DELTINI All-in-One Set includes

Planter + plant liner with sub-irrigation set

Plant liner

  • plant liner in the same colour as the planter
  • can be exchanged on the spot
  • change plants, repot them, trim the roots or rinse the leaves
  • an attractive gift that already comes “gift wrapped”
  • comes with sufficient LECHUZA PON plant substrate to begin planting right away

This LECHUZA product is

The original LECHUZA
sub-irrigation system
LECHUZA’s sub-irrigation system takes care of your plants for you for up to 12 weeks, ensuring that they receive the right amount of water and nutrients they need for optimum growth.

4 reviews for DELTINI RANGE

  1. dani

    Got two mini deltinis for my bathroom and it looks great! Plants are growing well.

  2. dani (verified owner)

    Got 2 of the Deltinis for Christmas and they’re stunning! The sub-irrigation system is fantastic – went away for 2 weeks and came back to healthy and happy plants. Will definitely be buying more of these!

  3. Lauren Knight

    The trendiest and easiest way to keep your plants looking great.
    Finally have orchids growing effortlessly and looking brand new!
    Stunning stunning product!

  4. Erik

    Het ‘n mini deltini met ‘n orchid vir my vrou vir Valintines dag gekoop, als lyk baie mooi en die orchid groei goed.

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