The LECHUZA sub-irrigation-system

Inspired by nature: The LECHUZA sub-irrigation system ensures that your plants receive the exact amount of water they need for optimal growth.

  1. Water level indicator
    Takes the guesswork out of watering
  2. Water supply shaft
    Makes adding water and liquid fertilizer easy
    The substrate perfectly controls the water supply
  4. Separator
    Forms the water reservoir in the bottom of the planter
  5. Drain plug
    Is removed when used outdoors

Less Watering

Time to relax:
With the LECHUZA-water reservoir your plant is taken care of perfectly

– no more daily watering!

Simply fill the water
reservoir over the
water supply shaft.

In some planters the water reservoir is found at the bottom of the planter.

For some models, the self-watering system and water reservoir are completely contained within the liner.

In the table planters the water reservoir is found at the bottom of the planter. The wick inside the planter transports the water up to the substrate, if the roots can not reach into the reservoir.

No water logging – no dry period

Takes the guesswork out of watering:

No water logging thanks to the water level indicator!

Remove the drainage plug when used outdoors. An overflow makes sure that enough water is left in the water reservoir. Any excess water is allowed to drain. This way your plant will be safe from water logging even during heavy rain!

Improved plant growth

Let your plants grow!

In the LECHUZA planter your plant will take just the right amount of water from the resevoir it needs for optimal growth.

The growth comparison shows:

30% improved plant growth thanks to a balanced water supply!