The plant substrate LECHUZA-PON

LECHUZA-PON is the non-organic plant substrate by LECHUZA for indoor and outdoor plants and is the perfect alternative to soil.

PON is suitable for all plants, even orchids and citrus plants!

PON is perfect for LECHUZA planters!

LECHUZA-PON can be used for indoors and outdoors.

LECHUZA consists of:

Zeolite, German washed pumice, German, light Lava and a fully coated premium quality fertilizer. PON is free from contamination and pollutants.

Easy planting:

When repotting, the root ball doesn’t have to be completely free from soil – just remove as much as possible without damaging the plant. Insert the plant and make sure that it is covered with at least 1-2 cm above the root ball – that’s how the LECHUZA substrate can reach its full capillary potential.

Advantages of LECHUZA-PON

LECHUZA-PON has the optimal air/water ratio for plants of 45 % water/55% air.
Lasts for years: LECHUZA-PON is structurally-stable and does not condense.
No dirt when planting: LECHUZA-PON is free-flowing!
PON protects: Plants set in the substrate have a higher cold hardiness in the winter!
Nutrient and water storage: LECHUZA-PON is like a buffer that absorbs excess fertilizer and gives it back to the plant when needed – fertilizing errors are balanced.

The zeolite is anti fungal and a natural odour absorber.
LECHUZA-PON has continuous capillary action, drawing water up to the planter’s surface!
The Lava in the PON permanently supplies your plant with iron.
The PON maintains the ideal pH balance in your LECHUZA planter to allow for healthy plant growth.
Adjusted bulk weight: your plants are firmly supported in the planter; the outdoor planters stand firmly in all weathers.

Advantages to soil

PON maintains the ideal pH balance.
Soil condenses: roots die more easily and develop a strong odour.
Soil is easily flushed out into the water reservoir.
Soil dries up at the top, while it stays moist at the bottom – PON guarantees a balanced distribution!
PON minimizes the danger of fungus and pest infestation – suited for people who suffer from allergies.
Soil has to be renewed regularly – PON can be used indefinately!

Advantages to hydroponics

In hydroponics the roots are placed in the water: odours are accumulating.
Plants in hydroponics tend to grow uncontrollably in length.
PON stores also nutrients, not only water!
Vital iron flocculates as the ph balance is too high in hydroponics.
The root ball has to be entirely freefrom soil – 25 % of all plants will not survive this.
In PON your plants are firmly supported!